Full Event Timetable - The Boat Race

Full Event Timetable

The winning 2022 Boat Race Crew lift the Gemini Boat Race Trophy

Full Schedule – The Boat Race 26 March 2023

10:00   River Closes – Preliminary road closures in place.

12:00     Fan Parks open  Bishops Park and Furnivall Gardens

13:00     Final road closures in place

13:55     Women’s Boat Race coin toss

14:05     Osiris v Blondie coin toss

14:40     The Men’s Boat Race coin toss

14:50     Isis v Goldie coin toss

15:30     BBC broadcast starts

16:00.    77th Women’s Boat Race

16:15     Osiris v Blondie Race

16:30     Isis v Goldie Boat Race

17:00     168th Men’s Boat Race

17:35     Women’s winning crew trophy presentation

17:45     Men’s winning crew trophy presentation

17:55     Women’s Boat Race Cox and Men’s Boat Race cox toss

17:59     High tide Putney (6.76m)

17:45     BBC broadcast ends

18:30     Fan Parks at Bishops Park and Furnivall Gardens close

Hammersmith Bridge will close at 11am and reopen at 6pm, Barnes Bridge will be also be closed for the duration of the race.

The Boat Race Course
The Boat Race Course - 26 March 2023