Behind Every Kick

This organisation empowers young people through a shared love of sport; the charity’s programmes help develop skills learned through playing sports which can be harnessed to create opportunities in students’ wider lives. The BEK team will deliver sessions to 6th Form students at School 21, Stratford London. The students will then plan and execute a range of projects from January 2022 onwards, which build on the BEK Development modules and their introduction and exposure to the sport of rowing. Gemini and The Boat Race are delighted to be supporting the BEK Development Programme which delivers a series of modules unlocking a lifetime of potential in young people.

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Behind Every Kick


This organisation recognises that the playing field is not level for all young people – often social and economic disadvantages are barriers to aspiration and achievement.

Behind Every Kick aims to level the playing field by unlocking a lifetime of potential for young people through the power of sport; shifting perceptions of how young people see their place in the world and how organisations see the potential of resilient, agile thinkers.

With a heritage is in both elite & grass roots sport, BEK use the power of team sport as a vehicle to develop key life skills for young people aged 16 and over. Up until The Gemini Boat Race Bursary, there was now not had the opportunity to incorporate rowing into their programmes.

The award gives an exciting route to introduce rowing to a community of young people who would otherwise be highly unlikely to be given any access to the sport.

BEK work to create environments that encourage aspiration and celebrate success. The ambition of the programme is to bridge a gap in support for young people where societal, personal or economic circumstances are potential hurdles to long-term success. This gap has been exacerbated by Covid and there is an urgency to address the widening chasms and to open pathways to opportunities that usually are not within the reach of our cohorts.

Rowing is most certainly an opportunity not within our young people’s usual reach. BEK will be using this  unique opportunity to introduce a particular cohort of young people from a school in Stratford, London – School 21 – to rowing and its related opportunities, including being able to introduce elite rowers to deliver skills sessions which build on our programme themes. •

The BEK Development syllabus has been co created, tested and reviewed by our partners Lane4, making use of their advice on best practice, their well-established delivery methodology and ensuring that the content and quality of our product has been subject to independent scrutiny and assurance.


This is a programme with long term development impact using sport as a vehicle of learning.