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BBC Sport is once again honoured to be charged with broadcasting the 158th University Boat Race - one of the most historic and iconic sporting events in the World calendar - and continuing a tradition and relationship that dates back almost as far as the race itself!

During the course of over 2 hours on BBC1, Clare Balding will present the build-up to the race with an array of guests and an eclectic mix of imaginatively crafted, creative and entertaining features to provide an insightful look into the mindset and personality of the crews; the obstacles they have faced over the past 12 months; and the challenges they have yet to overcome over the gruelling 4 1/4 mile stretch of water from Putney to Mortlake.

Over 20 land based cameras, satellite and communication relay stations and countless miles of cables along the route all combine to broadcast one of the most technically – yet rewarding - challenges that BBC Sport faces. All of this, coupled with a helicopter camera, jib cameras, mini-cameras and a plethora of other innovative cameras, graphics, expert commentary and passionate analysis strives to capture the atmosphere and drama of the race itself. The broadcast showcases the sense of occasion that welcomes 250,000 spectators to the banks of the Thames, in excess of 7 million UK TV viewers, and tens of millions around the world, from the Americas to Africa.

And rest assured that whichever shade of blue should be rewarded with victory, the BBC will be there to capture every stroke in the most dramatic and entertaining way possible.

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